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Riviana Foods Pty Ltd
8 Lakeview Drive, Scoresby VIC Australia, 3179
ABN: 97 061 388 092
Phone: +61 3 9212 6000
Fax: + 61 3 9212 6055

General Provisions

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3. Warranties:

To the maximum extent permitted by law, Riviana disclaims any warranties, assurances or promises, express or implied, regarding this website and any service or facilities that it provides.

4. Use of the 'On-line' Facility:

Riviana accordingly accepts no responsibility or liability for any misunderstanding, error, loss, damage, or inconvenience whatsoever and howsoever caused in respect of any inquiry and/or request made through the on-line facility. You agree that you will carefully check, and correct any mistakes in, any inquiry and/or request that you make through the on-line facility. 5. Use of Your Contact Information: As the user of this website and any service or facility, you agree and consent that Riviana may use your contact information (i.e. your name, e-mail and physical / postal address and/or other contact details) for commercial purposes either directly or indirectly connected with your request. Should you not wish to be contacted in the future, please notify Riviana.

6. Indemnity:

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7. Your Responsibility:

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Riviana Foods Pty Ltd, 8 Lakeview Drive, Scoresby Victoria, Australia 3179