A longstanding and trusted brand within foodservice, this extensive portfolio of products caters to every taste and occasion. The Riviana range offers customers a wide range of must-have ingredients that are specially selected and packed to offer exceptional convenience, quality and value.


Packed with flavour and taste, few ingredients top vegetables as a menu essential. Delicious on their own, or as a versatile ingredient, Riviana vegetables offer variety and quality all year round.


In the Mediterranean tradition, antipasto means ‘before the meal’, a delicious platter of meats and vegetables served to whet the appetite. Riviana honours this custom with an antipasto range that offers the authenticity your most discerning patrons demand.


There’s no denying the irresistible allure of olives, whether as a tantalising starter, a gourmet pizza topping, or in a classic martini. To satisfy the most sophisticated palates, Riviana offers an extensive range of delicious olives sourced for quality and packed for flavour and freshness.


Loved for flavour, fruit is a winner on any menu. That’s why we offer an extensive range of delicious fruit in cans, pouches and portion controlled cups to suit a number of recipes and occasions.


The humble rice grain is a menu essential, but as top chefs know, rice comes in many varieties suited to different dishes and occasions. Riviana sources rice from producers around the world to offer an authentic range that’s perfect for international cuisines and flavours.


Culinary experts know that it’s the sauce that makes the meal, which is why Riviana offers an extensive range of condiments and sauces to bring out the best in any dish or cuisine.


Seafood makes a great addition to any menu. Sourced from the world’s finest fisheries and packed to seal in natural flavours, Riviana seafood is the ideal choice for your menu’s appetising seafood dishes.