Riviana Foods has been bringing solutions to the table since the 1950's. Today we honour our traditional company values with a commitment to providing quality food service products that add value to our customers' businesses. You'll find our wide selection of canned, frozen and packaged brands in the pantries of leading hotels, restaurants, airlines, school canteens, hospitals and more. We pride ourselves on offering quality products at a competitive price and providing the resources, networks and expertise required to help our customers rise to the top. Under Riviana Foodservice there are numerous brands with speciality product portfolios including Rice, Vegetables, Antipasto, Asian, Condiments, Fruit, Olives and Seafood.

A longstanding and trusted brand within foodservice, this extensive portfolio of products caters to every taste and occasion. The Riviana range offers customers a wide range of must-have ingredients that are specially selected and packed to offer exceptional convenience, quality and value.

As part of the range you will find antipasto, vegetables, canned fruit, condiments, tinned seafood and much more.

Garden Supreme was acquired by Riviana Foods in 2004 from Cerebos (Australia) Ltd and has a product range including Antipasto, Condiments, Fruit, Frozen and Canned Vegetables. Garden Supreme range products are processed and packed soon after picking to lock in goodness and deliver exceptional freshness and taste. Garden Supreme allows seasonal produce to be available throughout the year and has ease of use in mind with convenient long life packaging.

Ocean Supreme and Regal Sea were acquired by Riviana Foods in 2004 from Cerebos (Australia) Ltd and are suppliers of quality canned seafood products including tuna, red salmon and pink salmon. Ocean Supreme and Regal Sea are seafood specialists and by concentrating solely on canned seafood, they can ensure the delivery of quality tuna and salmon products year round to its customers. The long shelf life of their products also ensures fish is always on hand for customers.

Menu Master was acquired by Riviana Foods in 2004 from Cerebos (Australia) Ltd and since the acquisition has launched a range of dessert products that includes puddings and cakes all in portion controlled, single serves for convenience and freshness as well as Vinegars. Menu Master provides innovative offerings to simplify the workload of kitchens, whilst not compromising on quality.

Parboiled to seal the nutrients and colour from the outer bran layer. It also gives a firm individual grain that cooks perfectly every time and will not become gluggy if overcooked or kept in a food holder.

4 Seasons Lasagne sheets are imported from Italy and are made from durum wheat to a traditional Italian recipe.

Made in Queensland Australia, our vinegars and chutney will enhance the flavour of the dish without overpowering it. Ideal as a dressing, marinade or ingredient in a variety of cuisines.