Sliced Mango

800g & 425g containing natural juice

Serving Ideas: Admiral Sliced Mango is perfect added to salads, finely diced in salsas, pureed and layered through ice cream, blended in a healthy fruit smoothie or simply enjoyed as a refreshing summer snack. Superb served with freshly cooked prawns and other seafood.

Stoneless Black Cherries

425g in syrup

Serving Ideas: Admiral Stoneless Black Cherries are sweet, luscious and just perfect for cheesecakes, black forest cakes, pies, mixed with cream as a filling, or simply spooned over smooth ice cream with lashings of chocolate!


565g in syrup

Serving Ideas: Admiral Lychees are ideal for adding an exotic new dimension to salads, as topping on pavlovas, blended in fruit juices, or for adding a unique, tropical twist to your favourite fruit salad.


170g in syrup

Serving Ideas: Admiral Passionfruit is a refreshing topping for seasonal fruits and the all time Australian classic pavlova. Great in sponge cake icings, cream fillings, puddings and soufflés, or as a sauce for lashing over ice cream!

Mandarin Segments

310g in syrup

Serving Ideas: Admiral Mandarin Segments are superb for sprinkling over breakfast cereal, enjoying with yogurt, or adding a fresh citrus flavour to cake fillings and tart toppings